11th December – Christmas Decorations

The Christmas Lights always make you feel Christmassy, and if they don’t then seriously get with it because they are awesome. My particular favourites are some blue sparkly ones with gold reindeer on the roof. I keep thinking that they’re real reindeer, which is always disappointing on the second glance but ah well they’re still pretty! The Christmas Lights switching-on evening in the town is always slightly bonkers and with vast quantities of mulled wine and recorder playing, but despite the parents staggering round with rather confused looking children clutching recorders it is enjoyable. It used to be lovely in the snow but ever since my idiot head teacher bought a snow-plough (no, I am not taking the mickey, the man actually spent money on a snow plough IN ENGLAND where it snows like NEVER EVER) it hasn’t snowed. Never mind, the picture below is of a snowy Christmas scene to make you feel Christmassy, although I must say I like Christmas with snow, ice, rain or otherwise 🙂


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