12th December – The Expectation of Snow

We all expect to wake up one morning, look out the window and see a beautiful snowy street and a blizzard so you don’t have to go to school (although we probably still will, thanks to that snow plough – god, what would we do without it!?) but there is always that one person that says ‘oh, the forecast says it will snow tonight’ every time the temperature hit 5 degrees (Celsius, that it, I’m sure if it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit you’d be a bit worried as that’s -15). They, of course, don’t say that on the day it actually snows, and so you go home all sad that you’re actually going to have to wake up the next day, and then TA DA! No need for this, my friends, I’m gonna go right back to bed while all those who do have to go into school try and pull themselves up the hill by clinging onto hedges and hoping they won’t fall flat on their faces, ergo humiliating themselves, much like I do on a regular basis, snow or no snow. If I have to walk in the snow we’re all stuffed because if I’m going down I’m bringing those laughing at me with me.

A random street, probably not even in England. The only one I could find that was deffo in Britain was of a news reporter with his legs crossed in the middle of a snowy street, so I thought I’d show you a pretty village instead.


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