13th December – Christmas Shopping

I love shopping. I’ll just clear that one up now, I love it more than choc – well, maybe not more than chocolate, let’s not get carried away. But I do enjoy it. That’s why I prefer Christmas to birthdays because you can shop for presents and things, as well as the fact that nearly everyone is excited instead of it just being me jumping up and down at the bus stop – not that I do that, of course. Anyway, I can’t actually say what I got since the people I shopped for read this, but I’m so excited for them to open their ‘prezzies’ as we call them. In the shopping precinct there was a sleigh and two reindeer suspended from the ceiling that were lit up with lights and were just so beautiful I could almost see them flying away! Anyway, I am now officially vair vair excited for Christmas (to save you from looking up ‘vair’ in the words and phrases glossary, it is what posh people sound like when they say ‘very’) and I am going to make the pudding tomorrow so YAY!!!


Cool reindeer time…


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