18th December – Some Random, Non-Christmassy Things

Since it is getting REAL CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS I personally need a break from all the Christmassing (is that a verb? I think that could be a verb, I’m gonna use it) so I’ll just do a little entry about my day like I did in the old days (only four months-ish till I’ve had this for a whole year, how awesome is that?).

Okay, for one thing, I have said that the ‘snow’ falling on my blog is alright but is that annoying because I can see how it might be, but I live in England so it’s the only snow I’m going to get, I think. Anyway, post below if it is, and also if you know how to find out the exact date that your blog was started, because I’m curious 🙂

Secondly, today was very sad because we said goodbye to our science teachers (if any of you remember, 5 out of 7 of them have now left and we are all pretty sad about that, especially since I love science almost as much as I love cake – yes, I know what I just said, but calm down, if I had to choose between science or cake I would of course choose cake). But the sadness aside, it is nice to see everyone giving our headteacher horrible looks. It is pleasant when you aren’t the only one, and I mean that in a nice way.

And finally, here is another ‘SciShow’ video. This one is about the ‘Science of Lying’ and is extremely interesting, so please enjoy it and comment below. I haven’t had comments for a while and my empty notifications box is making me sad. Anyhoo enjoy the vid! Not quite as much as I will enjoy putting ninety seven tags on this post (so many random things, I’ve missed this!).

I’m also just gonna pop a link here to where you can donate to the McMillan cancer charity. I was recently looking through some posts and saw that quite a few people followed the link, so I really appreciate that. Thank you!



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