20th December – Santa Claus is Possibly on the Tipsy Side?

Um, so yeah. In case you don’t know what tipsy means, it means a little bit drunk. A teensy bit. Basically, every year at Christmas a Landrover pulls a sparkly sleigh down the streets carrying Santa to raise money for the village and to give the kids sweets, or more often that not the sleigh goes down the street with Santa chasing after it for some reason. Anyway, this year Santa literally skipped from house to house (with me hiding upstairs watching from the window) and then hugged the parents that were stood there. Fab. Ah well, I think a few of the Mum’s weren’t too bothered – from the leaping down the street, I kind of got he was quite young. I don’t care for text-speak on the blog usually but I think the situation calls for a ‘lol’. Lol. Anyway, this picture makes me feel Christmassy! 🙂


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