23rd December – The Types Of Christmas People

We all know that we will be one of many types of Christmas people, especially when it comes to the joys of Christmas Shopping. In a very crowded high street it will be easy to distinguish the people that haven’t been shopping since last December being pulled round by their friends with vacant expressions glued to their faces, while some groups of people, usually wrapped up in seven Christmas jumpers a piece with a Christmas pudding bobble hat on will be prancing down the street to a cafe, laughing at the rest of us frantically last-minute shopping because they are SO Christmassy they did all their shopping in September.

In general, there are those who greet every excited person with an irritated look and dash off to save another ornament from some tinsel, and then there are those who are always armed with tinsel and a glass of sherry, along with some kind of horrendous singing dancing and leaping toy reindeer – only joking, those kind of things are fabulous!

Well, that sums up that. IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW!!!!!!!


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