26th December – Boxing Day

I had a LOVELY Christmas. Let’s start with that, and I hope you did to. I got a new camera which is rather fab so I’ll share some pictures of the table at dinner and some of the other things I got, and look out for some reviews of the books I got as well! Anyway, there aren’t any of people for obvious reasons but you can see my dress in a couple of them. Here goes!


The table display. Sorry about all the wine, drink aware and all that, but it’s pretty!


A rather artistic photo taken by my aunt with my dress behind.


Pretty table display and my coke.


Christmas dinner! And yes, I like Brussels sprouts, you know I’m not very good at being a teenager.


Candles and a plant.


Thanks mum and dad! My geography sucks so this was necessary, trust me.


BOOKS!!! I can’t wait to read/write in them – it’s telling that they are all by or from YouTubers though!

So that was my Christmas day! Tres enjoyable. I’ll finish reading Girl Online and then I’ll review it so keep your eyes open for that. Merry Christmas!


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