Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella) – Book Review

Okay, so first things first I’ll just tell you that I really liked it. When I first got given the novel by my parents who saw that it was about a girl with a blog I thought, oh dear, here we go, it will be a cringy book all about some girl wandering around the planet falling in love with 17 different guys. But no! It was really good! I love Zoella, her vlogs are awesome and her make-up and hair tutorials make me smile, as well as the fact I can now do a messy bun! Isn’t that exciting?! And her book is awesome as well.

The best thing about this book, I felt, is that it really included some of the things that Zoe talks about on her vlogs, such as her panic-attacks and it gave really useful information on how to cope about them, be it by talking about them on the girl’s blog or picturing them as a shape with a colour and watching it fade away. I know a lot of people get panic attacks a lot, including, on occasion, myself, so I thought it was really good advice.

Anyway, about the book. It was fun to read, nice and light, and I think there will be at least one thing in it that you can relate to. Yes, it was a bit cringy at times but that could only be expected, but the things that Penny (the girl) saw in New York just made me jealous! (But not quite as jealous as when she said she had 5000 followers on her blog. That made me want to put the book down and start spamming a million websites!).



Really good!


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