New Year, Probably Not A New Me

Okay, so everyone says ‘new year, new me, I’m going to eat no sugar in the whole year and do so much exercise and just generally be a healthier human being and *enter personality change, to become more determined etc here* and *enter financial advance and job/grade promotion here*’. I too am guilty of this a lot of the time, but as my father is quick to point out, New Years Day is just another day, and I think we all know that but it’s nice to know that a) you have orbited the sun another time and you’re still here and b) it can be seen as a fresh start. But the truth is, even though I can start to move away from the whole Christmas thing and onto a brand new year and it will be nice to be in a different year, I will still be an awkward teenager sat on the sofa listening to 5 Seconds of Summer and blogging when January 1st comes.

But if this new year turns out to be a bit rubbish for the next few months, then just start again! You will still have gone all the way around the sun since that time last year, so just try and follow all your resolutions and what not from that point on. God I’ve gone all wisdomous. Don’t panic, it won’t last.


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