As a teenager, society dictates that  I will currently be out partying with large quantities of alcoholic beverages at some dark, loud club surrounded by large numbers of policemen, but I’m not that sort of person. Sitting on our new sofa with a nice fire watching our traditional Jools Holland always seems a much better option to me, but I’ve never been one for big parties. 2014 hasn’t been a great year, but I started blogging and I’ve really enjoyed doing that, I’ve never had an argument with my friends (how cool is that) and I’ve got braces! Which although isn’t pleasant does mean that my teeth are straightening. Which is a good thing. Off in August, by the way, yay!

I am sure you couldn’t care less, but here are my New Year Resolutions:

– Do more exercise. I don’t care about my weight but it does make you feel better if you jog a bit. Apparently. Like I said, I’ve never really done voluntary exercise. Look out for that tag, by the way, ‘voluntary exercise’, I’ll fill you in on how that goes for your amusement.

– Be nicer to people I don’t like. Even if they are complete idiots. Boy, this will be hard.

– Try to go to New York. I really want to go!

– Keep blogging right through to this time next year (and beyond, but you need a landmark, don’t ya?)

Oh holy bananas what have I put myself in for?! Ah well, are your resolutions anything like mine? Comment below and tell me about your New Years Eve! Have a good year and remember to write 2015 in the margin of your books instead of 2014. Seriously, in September this year I wrote 2012 by accident. But then you aren’t as stupid as me, so I wouldn’t worry about it.


ENJOY 2015!


5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. I’m more of a smaller party person myself, not that I go to any. I never did feel all that comfortable in large crowds. My New Year’s Eve was spent recording a podcast, so slightly more exciting than yours, I guess.
    Good luck on that be nicer to people resolution. I work in retail, so I know how hard that is. I REALLY know. So many sarcastic remarks I’d love to make but can’t…
    Anyway, best of luck with the exercise. I’ll root for you. Exercise is hard.


  2. Parkrun. Parkrun. Parkrun.
    Every Saturday, 09:00am, 5km,
    Everyone welcome, young/old, fast/slow.
    I take Charlie every Saturday to our local one and every is very friendly and welcoming.

    Did I mention Parkrun is free. Always free.

    The website for your local event is:

    Read up about what Parkrun is here:

    If you decide you want to do it, register here:



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