I May As Well Try And Be Inspirational…

Happy New Year everyone! Who’s looking forward to 2015? I certainly am, this year (well, last year, I guess) has been driving me nuts! Since it is a brand new year and everyone will be trying to stick to resolutions blah blah blah, I found some inspirational quote picture things on Twitter so I’ll just share a couple of them with you! They are cringy and probably not really that useful but I thought they were nice so bear with.

life is better when you're laughing

This is so true!


This is of course referring to the metaphorical ocean. Unless you’re a sailor. In which case you probably knew this already.

And also, a good New Years Resolution list for those who can’t really think of anything they need to do.

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Well, you’d better be inspired now! I certainly am. I am inspired to go and eat some more Christmas cake. Bye bye.


5 thoughts on “I May As Well Try And Be Inspirational…

  1. I always did love the inspirational posters. I especially like that list you put at the end. Personally, I think I can safely skip the first item on it. I get way too much sleep as it is on my days off. Must fix that.
    Anyway, Happy New Year! Remember to take it easy, and God Bless!

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