The Crucible by Arthur Miller

This may be the death of me. It is a fantastic play but god almighty is it complex and analysing it is just ugh. To be honest, writing in essay form for me is quite easy but finding the things I want to say and thinking about the best way of getting those points across can be quite difficult – my interpretation of the play will be way different to someone else’s and if they don’t quite get the way I write things down on paper then I’m stuffed, really. Finding quotes to back up points that you know are valid but don’t really appear very obviously throughout the text is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and tends to be done with me procrastinating like a bonkers thing; like, of course I need more water, no, that’s not clear enough what if I get some awful water-born disease oh god I’m going to die, now lets meditate to get in the zone OH LOOK IT’S A BIRD OUTSIDE YAY I wonder if it’s thirsty I’ll get it some water as well and oh better not scare it now it could have a heart attack if I open the door too fast and oh no it flew away WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID?!

So yeah, that is my essay writing experience, how do you work best? Anyway, I’d better go and finish my homework. Ugh. Bye bye.


5 thoughts on “The Crucible by Arthur Miller

  1. Essays were always my worst nightmare in English class. Hated every minute of doing them, and I know my voice in them came across as stiff and robotic. Half the time I had to write about something I know little about in a format I am neither comfortable nor terribly familiar with.
    I’m just so glad it’s over!

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