The Dentist – Incident Number 2

So I recently returned from the hell that is the dentist where I was told that drinking less tea would be a good idea – does this woman realises she is in England? Like seriously, most people will be drinking a lot of tea! Anyway, I’ve done a post about the dentist before but it is a recurring event so there will most likely be more as well – all tiresome events are enjoyable to inflict upon the internet! Anyway, it’s better than the last time I went – I tripped over the wire of my headphones and stumbled into the room head-first, and when I managed to sit down in the chair and it started to go back, it either had been a long time since I was there or they genuinely go back further nowadays, because I suddenly felt the need to cling on to the arms of the chair and squeal, causing the dentist to say ‘oh, and we’re up the octave’ nonchalantly – I think he has to put up with a lot of idiots like me. Anyway, anyone have any more embarrassing dentist stories? Comment!


5 thoughts on “The Dentist – Incident Number 2

  1. I don’t visit the dentist much. Last time I had my teeth looked at was when I got my braces off at the orthodontist’s office. I always hated how they seem to lean over your face while they’re working. I always just thought to myself “please don’t mind the fact that I’m now breathing on your chest”. It was kinda awkward for me, so I’d usually just try to close my eyes until it was over.

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    • Haha yeah and when they’re using that water thing to clean your teeth they have this hoover thing in your mouth, and while I was in there it got suctioned onto my cheek which led to a very awkward moment of pointing and making ‘ah’ noises!


  2. It was so embarrassing when I had to have my teeth out because when they put the needle in my gum I cried and kicked my legs up and down and then cried so much afterwards they ended up not taking the teeth out anyway *cringes*


  3. violetcx says:

    The first time I went to the dentist I didn’t open my mouth and there was another time that I bit him… Oh and once at the orthodontist I was playing with the hoover thing when he wasn’t in the room and then couldn’t switch it off… me and my mum just had to whistle over it😂

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