Beanbag Thoughts Recurrence

If you see Beanbag Thoughts as a title then you can assume I have had such a dull time that I have nothing to write about and therefore must write about irrelevant stuff. So brace yourselves for one of those posts where I just write down my thought processes.

We’ve been having a massive English exam about the crucible that is taking four lessons from my life to discuss at length why John Proctor in the Crucible is not such an idiot as one might first assume, which I always find difficult as when I’m writing essays I tend to over think things and then disagree with myself and so start contradicting myself and slowly spiral down that vortex to a U grade.

Yesterday I ran for 12 minutes straight and ran a mile. A MILE. You have no idea how much pain I was in by the end of it – my legs felt like they were made of air and getting up the stairs was agony. Anyway I’ve got to go, my parents are currently hitting things they’ve just dried up, and making the other one say where it needs to go away by working out what it is by it’s sound. It’s as strange as it sounds, they’re both musicians, I’m still getting used to it.


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