Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Sorry I haven’t posted properly in a while but I’ve been vair vair busy with school starting again and having a HUGE English exam which is driving me nuts, but ah well it’ll be over by tomorrow. But anyway, despite that, I just wanted to say a few things about the blog.

Recently I’ve been posting things to try and get the most likes, because I am competitive as bananas and a bit of a numpty really, so when I saw that my most popular post, the Girl Online review got so many likes, I tried to do more things like that. It was then, of course, that I remembered why I started this blog in the first place. It was never to get the most views or likes or comments. It wasn’t to be madly successful or to have people at school say “I’ve seen this really awesome blog” and talk about it all the time. I began it to keep myself in the habit of writing, to express myself without anyone knowing who I was or judging me solely on my clothes or make up, and to maybe even help or entertain a couple of people on the way! So once I had remembered all of this I took a deep breath and started to jot down all the silly little things about my life; anecdotes, facts I picked up, ideas for posts, that sort of thing, all crammed into my ‘Cat Whiskers Come from Within’ notebook. That way when I run out of ideas, I can just grab one from there, This blog has been far, far more successful than I ever could have expected or even dreamed of, and actually, if starting to write like I did before makes less people read it, (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) I don’t care. I appreciate everyone who reads it and likes it and comments so, so much and I really am very grateful, but I write for me and to show who I am, and I don’t need thousands of people to see it to know that I’ve done that. I hope I don’t sound really mean or arrogant or one of the soppy types who are forever banging on about irrelevant rubbish to people who could not care less, but I thought I should just say where I stand.

I hope everyone’s New Year is going okay, and I must say that I gave some good advice in my new year’s post – if you mess up that new year, just start again. Because that is exactly what I am doing here, and it feels better than it has in previous years with the ‘give up chocolate digestives’ thing and ending up having that feeling of guilt on my mind as I chomp my way through an entire pack. Anyway. This has been a rather serious post so here’s a picture of some otters hugging. Vair cute. And one of an otter dancing. Just because.

cute otters

When you are that comfortable in bed…


Me last lesson on a Friday…

Bye bye x.


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