Involuntary Exercise

I said that I would start using the ‘voluntary exercise’ tag but then P.E showed up again and we had to burn off the ‘mince pie wobble’. No thank you! I notice that she didn’t do any exercise, although luckily I didn’t have to do any press-ups as she wasn’t looking when it was my turn, so I was the only one who could move my arms the next day. A week later, and the hell struck again, running a mile in a sports hall, about as horrific as it sounds. I could not feel my legs, and that is no exaggeration. And now I can’t move my legs because we did THE BLEEP TEST. To be fair, we did it as a relay, so we managed to get up to level 20 but oh my holy bananas I don’t know who invented it but I hope they were forced to do it at least twice a day. Seriously. Ow. Even typing hurts.


3 thoughts on “Involuntary Exercise

  1. I remember the bleep test. I was usually the first one out, or one of the first anyway. That test is cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion, and nearly as bad as the 2km runs we had to do once every 2 months or whatever it was.
    I swear, my lungs were on fire!


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