The Fifth Member of Five Seconds Of Summer

So, I’m in a car with my mother driving (can’t wait to be able to drive, my lord I am looking forward to that) and 5 seconds of summer is playing (because, you know, we were in traffic, and since I am a fan of irony I had put on Long Way Home) and we were talking about some movie or other and then I said “mum, you know who Zac Efron is, right?” and she said, “well, of course, he is in 5sos.” And then I laughed a lot. Probably more than I should.It took me a while before I could stop to correct her but she still doesn’t know what they look like so here you are:


5SOS                                                                            ZAC EFRON

Oh and me and my mum are going to see Paloma Faith! I’m so excited even thought it’s like months away yipee!


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