I Made Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Lordy, they taste nice! To be honest I ate quite a lot of the mixture before I added the egg because oh my it is so scrummy but I thought I’d share these pictures since I arranged them nicely in a basket with some fabric I found. Hands-up emoji in the comments if you are jealous/have a nice phone or device. Oh, I just found some more crumbs from them in the keyboard of my laptop. Yummy. It’s like finding a solitary chip at the bottom of a bag you’d thought you’d finished.

IMG_0278 IMG_0286

The recipe is American so it is vair confusing  – like, why would I use ‘cups’ to measure butter? It ended up with me having to use a rolling pin and a table knife to chisel off little bits at a time until I gave up and googled how many grams there are in a cup (FYI, it’s 227 grams of butter per cup. These cookies don’t use that much though). Oh, and also, may I just clarify for American people; here in England, if a ‘cookie’ is all gooey in the middle (in a nice way, not in an ‘oops, I didn’t turn on the oven’ way) then it is indeed a cookie. If it is crunchy and crispy all the way through then it is a biscuit (again, in a deliberate way, not as if you leant on the oven and put it on gas mark nine instead of two. Oh, and also, if you did that, from experience in our house there would probably be violence).


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