The Teenage Brain Explained

This is another episode from the YouTube channel SciShow, and although this video spends the first two minutes going through all the obvious stuff it talks about how the brain is developing a lot through teenage years.

I’ll tell you one of my favourite bits from the clip now, and one that I shall repeat the next time my teacher starts getting cross because I forgot to bring in my book; teenagers aren’t meant to be organised, because their synapses are currently in the process of being insulated with a layer of fat that is fully developed in adults, stopping connections to the pre-frontal cortex from moving so well, the part of your brain that deals with all the logic and stuff. So yeah. Watch it, and you will never again ask why a teenager is in such a bad mood!

Also, I must just say this, and everyone is thinking it; teenagers need more sleep, but produce the sleepy-hormone melatonin a lot later than adults, and then have to get up and have their brains working from six in the morning. I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say that teenagers have good reason to be fed up with dragging themselves out of bed in the morning.


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