Earthquake by Aprilynne Pike – Book Review

I’ll say this now, this is my favourite book. I think that it’s better than Earthbound, the first one in the series (still really good) but Earthquake has such pace and as they attempt to defeat a lethal virus there’s some science, which if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I love!

The general story line is that Tavia, the main character, is an Earthbound (god on earth, having human lives since the beginning of time) who is torn between staying with Logan, the boy she is meant to be with for eternity, or Benson who she fell in love with while escaping the Ruduciates, an organisation set on destroying her. Being a Creator (not a destroyer), she can make anything with only a thought, although until she is united again with Logan and he remembers being a god her creations are only temporary. With the deadly virus killing thousands of people in a day, finding, or creating, a cure for it is a race against time, especially since if an Earthbound becomes infected their life will end and they won’t be reincarnated ever again.

It’s a really good book so I recommend you read it, although I’ll say now it’s a young adult book so if you’re younger or older it might not be so enjoyable. But the fact remains that it’s an awesome book so I’ll leave the link to the authors website.

earthquake book

This is the front cover if you’re looking for it on a bookshelf or something

Aprilynne Pike’s website:

She also wrote the bestselling Wings series which I thought were awesome too, but all her novels are on her website if you were interested.


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