The Non-Uniform Day

People in England have to wear a school uniform, in case you didn’t know, and then a few times a year we have to pay to a charity of some description to wear our own clothes. I wish we never had to wear a uniform, to be honest, given the fact that it is itchy and makes us all look like nuns, but people seem to find it very stressful to pick out acceptable clothes to wear; for one thing, people judge you. Like, a lot. And the other thing is that we have so many rules about what to wear that you have to turn your wardrobe upside down to find anything that will not make you be kicked out for the day (not even joking). The general fashion at the moment seems to be jeans and a tight black top, and then for the more fancy people among us, some form of dead Arctic animal dyed black and swathed around the shoulders.

Me, I went in something as close to pyjamas as it gets. Always a trendy one.


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