The Holiday

So yesterday I went on a little holiday – literally just one night – but it was so nice! I have some really nice pictures of the beaches (despite the fact that they were so cold!) and some amazing flocks of birds coming in over the horizon. Although the weather was gorgeous yesterday, it was tipping it down today so walking towards the sea was a bit chilly, but it was fun, despite getting absolutely soaked (seriously, my coat was actually dripping).

I wasn’t sure we were going to make it – there are a lot of very small roads besides very big rivers and although my mother insists we were going around a pothole, I think we nearly ended up in a ditch. But hi ho it wouldn’t be relaxing without a near-death experience, would it? She didn’t seem to notice this sign on the side of the road:


I discovered that as a family we are terrible at not laughing – me in particular. When we were eating dinner in a restaurant, a family were on the table across from us and had an extremely loud woman there discussing, well, everything. She got to talking about diets and what set us off was when she bellowed ‘she goes for runs every night and eats things like broccoli! BROCCOLI! It’s disgusting!’. T’was funny. Maybe you had to be there. But we also heard them talking to some other people with a big Labrador about how it likes to ‘sunbathe’ when they take it to France and Spain and how it enjoys the boat ride there. How they know that the dog enjoys it I have still to discover, but each to their own.

But it was so relaxing to just walk; I couldn’t really think about much because I was trying so hard not to be blown over by the wind (my friends know that this has happened before – manage to trip up over air, apparently). Fashion goes out of the window when you’re that cold, though; my winter look is a combination of ‘bloody hell it’s cold outside’, ‘what do you mean “was I going for the scarecrow look”‘, and ‘you know I can make a raincoat look good’. I think my friend’s looks are a little more elegant, but nowhere near as original as mine.

Here are the pictures I took! I absolutely love my new camera, it’s so clear! This ‘gallery’ layout is new to me but it is actually really cool, I didn’t know you could do it, but click on the pictures and it comes up as a kind of fancy slide show. Anyway, I thought it was fun!


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