The Cobweb Situation

While lacking inspiration for a post, I laid down and looked up at the ceiling for a bit, and then it hit me. Like, literally, a cobweb, in my face and somehow in my mouth as well. I don’t know either. And now I’ve gone and hit myself in the forehead with a pencil. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Anyway, let me just describe these cobwebs to you.

My bed’s in the way of their corner (my room is tiny – seriously I feel like Harry Potter when he lived in that cupboard) so we can’t hoover there, and they have managed to start at the bed post, crept up the wall collecting impressive amounts of dust, worked their way into the corner and are now edging along the ceiling.

The reason I am telling you this is because, despite the fact that there is a big cobweb in my room thus there is a large spider a-lurking, it’s actually very pretty. How awesome is it that spiders can make such a weird thing and use it to survive? Seriously, they are way higher up on the evolutionary tree than us. Compared to that, what can we humans do? I mean, I suppose we came up with using fire. That was a good idea, and you never see spiders moaning because it’s too rainy for their bonfire. Or maybe they do. I’m not sure. I don’t speak spider.

That was a rather random post; I’ll probably get rid of it another time but hi ho it’s there for now! It’s sometimes rather relaxing to write down what your brain is thinking, although if I’ve had too much sugar then there is no typist in the world that would be able to keep up.



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