The ‘Smelly Stuff’

Okay, so I am ill again (whoop whoop) and although thinking and posting is the last thing I feel like doing, I will go mad if I have to sit watching day time TV again feeling poorly and sorry for myself and having a sudden mild aversion to tea (I know right, this got serious). But, on the upside we have a toilet that flushes without having to fill a bucket with water and pour it down the loo, if I haven’t already filled you in on that particular bathroom adventure. Yup, it’s all happening here over at Chez Dandelion (nearly put my real surname there, oopsie, god I’m good at this anonymous stuff, I should work for MI5 – or maybe I already do! Mwahahaha. Sorry my illness is causing hysteria I shall take a break for a moment…).

Because I’m asthmatic (and still have to look up how to spell it) there are very few medicines I can take if I have the sniffles and by sniffles I mean that thing where if you lie down or even sit at the wrong angle, your nose will become completely blocked and you have to spend the night breathing through your mouth looking like a goldfish. But there is one thing I can use to try and ‘un-bung’ as my mother calls it, and that is this liquid that you put on a tissue and it has a strong yet pleasant smell which helps your nose to breath again!

But there is a downside to this tissue. For one thing, even if you have it in your hand when you go to sleep, it will inevitably be lost without a trace by the time you wake up and may be discovered somehow wedged between different sheets later. Also, if you snore a lot like I do (all my friends who have ever stayed round will confirm that I am a snorer) then chances are you will inadvertently blow the tissue off the bed on to the floor where it does absolutely no good at all!

Well, that’s my rant over. I have to go and wander around for a bit so I can breathe again. Cheerio.


This is the stuff!


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