The Wireless Situation (I warn you, this is a rant)

Our whole broad-band system relies on an absolutely WUBBISH internet provider (who shall remain nameless) to actually function (I know, it’s a wonder I can get on the internet at all) and recently the wireless connection decided to cut out to such an extent that no devices at all can recognise it, let alone connect to it, although our router still has a smug green light on the wireless bit.

Anyway, because I found this very irritating I went online on a computer connected by a wire to the router (it was like returning to the stone age, seriously) and did an ‘online chat’ with a grand total of two people from this provider, after the first guy got fed up and transferred me to someone else. But from this experience, I discovered one very interesting life-hack;

If planning on consulting someone for advice on mending an internet problem, talk to a brick wall first. The advice will be a lot more constructive.

After the first hour of furiously typing away, they said ‘can I confirm that all your wireless devices are still able to connect to your WiFi’ or something to that affect, and I tell you now it was all I could do not to capslock, as this is the very problem I was talking to them about. Instead, I settled for a very disgruntled paragraph in response with several explanation marks and at least one ‘I don’t mean to sound rude’. Anyway, then I was transferred to someone else who said ‘shall I send you a link for some help’ to which I recommend you always answer ‘no’ because it is completely irrelevant anyway, and the most brilliant advice was given to ‘restart the router’.



I didn’t think of that on my own. Of course not.

Anyway, rant over. Such first world problems!


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