I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted for ages so sorry about that, but we have had a WiFi problem until literally now this second so I’ve only just been able to get on the line (Internship reference whoop whoop). I don’t really have anything to write about – I have a very uneventful life – but I shall fill you in on anything I can think of. Give me a minute.

My mother has just come into my room and told me that we are now being sent a box by our internet provider that will give us TV channels, which we do not want, and that we will not be charged for this box until it is plugged in, which we will not do, and that we will have to put it in the roof. My question was, of course, if we are in no need of this box that is currently on its way to us, then why, oh why do we need it? She doesn’t know either. It is rather lovely to be assured of your parents competence with technology, isn’t it?

We got our school reports! We used to get fancy booklet-type things with a shiny cover but now we literally got two pages of teachers trying to remember who we actually are – it’s quite amusing actually. As I said to my friends, I’m surprised they didn’t invoice us for the staple; or maybe our headteacher is renting out the snow-plough to pay for them. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Oh, and also, what is with this new layout on the ‘new post’ page? Everything’s swapped sides, it’s very confusing! I’m sure I’ll get used to it 🙂

Anyway, I’m all caught up now, and there is a new router in the post along with this ‘box’, so I shall continue to pour all these enlightening anecdotes into your lives! Did I mention that the temporary WiFi arrangement (I don’t even know either) had an insecure password so my mum asked them on the phone and apparently our router is so bad it would be impossible to hack into it. It is like the old Nokia of the WiFi world. Quite impressive really.


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