I Can’t Think Of A Very Good Title So You’d Better Just Read The Post

I am sat here with my homework diary open in front of me and the words ‘revision’ and ‘test’ written more times than I might have liked, and I’m a bit fed up, really, because I would much prefer going outside and doing something constructive like pulling up weeds from the flowerbeds than sit here craving chocolate and correcting some work deemed ‘lazy’ by my chemistry teacher. (I think it was probably a bit lazy, but I had a million other things to do that night and drawing some visible axis on a graph was not my main priority, I’m afraid.) I’m really tired with the fact that there is always some form of revision on my mind or some sort of homework lurking around the house like a really miserable ghost that can’t be bothered to be scary, and I wish that we didn’t have to do it, but we do, so ah well, I’ll just get on with it.

But I’ll be honest, it’s really stressful. I can tell that everyone my age who cares about the outcome of their GCSE grades is stressed, and I know that stress isn’t going to help at all but there it is, like the North Star or whatever guiding me to Bethlehem, although the kid I’m trying to get to turns out to be not as great as is expected and not worth the sheep and gold I’m heaving up this socking great hill (I don’t know why I’m using this as an analogy, please don’t take offence, it just popped into my head). By this I mean, no one really cares about GCSEs past the age of seventeen unless they need to retake them or become teachers, yet every year 700,000 teenagers panic, fret, worry and work really really hard just so that they can get into the good school or college or uni or job that they want. (May I add that if you aren’t English, GCSEs are the big exams fifteen and sixteen year olds take. I don’t know the American equivalent, feel free to fill me in on that.)

It doesn’t sound like much, sitting – wait, no I just added up the number of exams I need to take, it sounds huge: I will be sitting (or sitting through, depending on how much revision I manage to do) 29 exams.


Not including controlled assessments.

It doesn’t sound like the right number, but it is, if nothing changes throughout the year, but then again the new government is coming in soon so they’ll probably turn round and say, hey, teenagers, we’ve decided that all your English exams are now going to be in Spanish! Have fun!

Anyway, I recently watched an episode of Modern Family where Alex is doing her SATs and has a meltdown on her birthday and starts grabbing and eating cake (picture below) and I laughed for like five minutes until I was actually crying because I know exactly how she feels! The worst thing I’ve ever done in that situation is walk up to the post box and back in the pouring rain, which woke me up a bit, I’ll tell ya.S05E12 (1)But it is beginning to get a bit boring and repetitive (‘monotonous’. See, I know the fancy words too) being stressed all the time and having to organise everything around my homework diary. I shall now do a ‘not being stressed’ tag because I am done with it. I am instead going to do yoga and breath heavily instead of getting angry with people.

Or maybe just the yoga thing.

But anyway, if I come up with any ideas about being ‘unstressed’ then I shall let you know because everyone gets it if they care, which I think is a very unfair deal. Like, let the people who will happily not revise one iota get stressed and panicky and us nerds sail through life unaffected. And, in regards to the title, I was going to call it ‘stress’ or something to do with being a teenager but often people just roll their eyes and scroll past things like that so I thought I’d just leave it. I shall leave you instead with this picture;stressedIf your answer isn’t in a text book then it might be found at the bottom of a chocolate cake. TTFN.


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