Tips On How To Relax – They Almost Work!

Candle lit baths! I was going to put a picture of some candles by the bath but the only one I had was one where the light made the algae growing around the edge look kind of gross; usually it’s a pretty green colour! Anyway, a hot bath with candles round the edge not only makes your face go bright red but the steam is meant to un-clog your pores and make you look radiant and wonderful. Or something.

I think it would have been a much more enjoyable experience if I wasn’t having to use my toe as a plug; the plug we have is way too small so it is a race against time before all the water starts to drain out. It also meant that I had to have the tap running all the time, which splashed up and extinguished the candle.

But if you are a normal person with a functioning bath and water-proof fire then I’m sure it is a lovely thing to do.


Some pretty candles that don’t have algae anywhere near them. How boring.


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