What’s that you say? Did I just invent a word, concept and awesome day in one title?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Exactly one ago today, I came up with a blog, and I thought, well, no one will really ever look at it. It’ll just be a place for me to moan about my middle-class life and talk about the weather.

I was wrong.

In the past year, I have written 301 posts (302 including this one).

I have had 3,717 views, 201 comments and 72 followers from 62 countries around the world including ones I hadn’t even heard of until now!

I have been nominated for two awards.

And most of all, I’ve really enjoyed having a place to spill my thoughts and ideas out into the world without people giving me that weird look they usually do. It’s been really fun!

So thank you for reading it and especially to those who liked and followed, and I hope I continue to blog as much in the next years to come!

Apologies for cringey post and for not being quite sure how to spell ‘cringey’ but I was very excited about this; I’m not a particularly confident person and this has definitely helped me find ways to speak up about things, both in school and in general. So thank you for helping me with it!

Dandelion199 xxx

(this felt like more of a letter so I singed off at the end. I don’t usually. I just thought it needed it.) 🙂


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