Awesome Facts About Frogs

For those of you who have followed my blog for a long time will know, I like to write about random things I find on the internet. It is a hobby and passion of mine, and I haven’t done an Awesome Facts page for AGES so voila; frogs!

– 5000+ species of frog.

– When I was little, I was in flip-flops at the bottom of the garden and I felt something heavy and weird land on my foot. It was a frog! It hopped off again but since then I have always rather liked them as a species.

– They can jump over 20 times their own body length.

– The never close their eyes, even when they’re asleep. I can only sleep with my eyes open in particularly dull maths lesson; got pretty good at it during my time at secondary school, I can tell you. It’s relaxing until you are expected to answer a question.

– They drink through their skin, not their mouths.

– A painkiller 200 times stronger than morphine has been discovered in the skin of a frog.

– Apparently, one type of desert frog can go for up to seven years without water by surrounding itself in a transparent bag that becomes its first meal when rain comes. Weird. And probably untrue. But mainly weird.

– The worlds biggest frog is about one foot long, whereas the smallest is half an inch. How cute would that be?!!!


Frog 1: What happened to Dave last night? Frog 2: His car got toad!!!!!!!!


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