Okay, so if you live in England you can go and vote RIGHT NOW for who you want to run you country, because unless you live under a rock, you will have heard about the general election!!! Please, please vote, because if you are a woman then about a hundred years ago women were starving themselves and chaining themselves to railings just so people like us could vote. Vote for anyone. Just vote!

The five main parties in England and their leaders are:

– Labour; Ed Miliband  ed_2224142b

– Conservative (also known as the Tories); David Cameron david_cameron_0

– Liberal Democrats (Lib-dems); Nick Clegg Nick Clegg

– Green Party; Natalie Bennett Natalie-Bennett_3145698b

– UKIP; Nigel Farage (please, just don’t) Nigel-Farage-1552356

There are also the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru, whose leaders I think are absolutely wonderful strong women I would love to have as Prime Minister, but being in England I can’t vote for them (not that I can vote for anyone at my age, anyway!)

Happy voting!


3 thoughts on “VOTING!!

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