Same-sex Marriage in America!

The bar at the top of this new-post page is rainbow stripes. The White House was lit up with the colours of the rainbow. Twitter is adding a multi-coloured heart to the hashtag ‘LoveWins’. This can only mean one thing.

A rainbow unicorn has been let loose in America.


You probably knew that. But if didn’t and instead you turn to this blog for all your major news stories then I must say that I am flattered. How great is this, though? I’m not American but to think of the power and influence the entire country has on a lot of opinions around the world, this is an extremely exciting time for people who support LGBT rights, and a huge step forwards in promoting equality across the planet.

I know that hundreds have people have worked extremely hard to achieve this for their country and I am well aware of all the people continuing to fight for equality in countries where same-sex marriage is not yet legal, but I hope that seeing this wonderful change in the United States has given people the courage to persevere and not give up.

Well done America!


He has the power


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