The Fruit Salad Conundrum

In a wild stab at being healthy, the past few days I have been eating fruit salad for breakfast, and I don’t mean the stuff you get in tins, I mean I actually went to the effort of getting out a knife and chopping board, on an empty stomach, and forming something resembling a pile of chopped up fruit, thrown randomly in the bowl in an attempt to be rustic and artistic with my presentation. It’s quite pleasant, but after a while chewing on cubes of apple can get a little monotonous, especially considering the quantity of fruit you have to eat in order to get you through to lunchtime. I could go for a run or something, but what’s the fun in that?


One thought on “The Fruit Salad Conundrum

  1. mary ellen says:

    it’s a great theory, but then again how many theorititians (?) have you seen that look that healthy? lol. i just put a whole chopped up fruit, especially peaches, in my large bowl of RICE KRISPIES and i’m good to go for a few hours. i also like the sound of the SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP that it makes. yes, i know i need help! lol.

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