The Gym

So I joined a gym. *Pause while people who know me control their laughter*. Anyway, it’s quite fun. I mean, I mainly stick to the end of the gym where the treadmills and cycles are because when I go to the end where the weight machines are I feel like I have been dunked in a vat of testosterone and I am altogether not in the right place.

My goal is to be able to run on the treadmill and not stand out next to people like the goddess who was on the one next to me last time – how you can run with perfect hair and not get out of breath/red in the face is beyond me but I’m hoping it’s a secret they share once you’ve been for a few months.

Anyway, once I finished the cross-country set on the bike I had to stagger back to the carpark focusing on staying upright, but it does make you feel rather fab when you’ve done it!


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