The Weather

After a series of days in which I journeyed home through rain, hail, snow, gale-force wind and then blinding sunlight (in the space of an hour), which I believe came to the delight of every sarcastic British twitter account in existence, we are now experiencing gorgeous weather. It is joyful to sit in the garden in clothing that would have been described last week as at best “optimistic” but most probably “insane” and marvel at how my skin has quietly gone from last summer’s shade of pale to so pale that it is actually glowing in the sunlight.
As per tradition, I am sitting and enjoying the smell of the village’s barbecues, which will soon be followed by the smell of meat that is on its way to charcoal, a series of expletives and the soothing tones of spouses assuring one another that there is indeed a pack of fishfingers in the freezer to have instead.
Alongside the sound of the soft breeze in the trees is the sound of paddling pools being filled, followed by the muffled cry of adults as they topple into the water after trying to close all the airholes and declare vehemently that the wretched thing was much easier to inflate last year.
From now on, people in sleeves will be seen as weak. Everyone will be wearing last year’s sun glasses that they found beneath a pile of questionable swimwear, scratched to the point of no return and with a slight sheen to them from the bottle of sun lotion that inevitably exploded when they were trying to manouvre the load of buckets, spades, towels, small children and steadily melting icecreams onto the beach. It’s rather relaxing, really.


2 thoughts on “The Weather

  1. mary ellen says:

    It’s so visual that you really do have to laugh!!! We’re far off yet from that weather. We need another month, But, you’ve given me something to recall… but do I really want to?


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