I’m not really sure what to say about me – I’m a total nerd, I’m generally an uninteresting person that manages to make an idiot of myself a lot, for instance, falling down the stairs on more than one occasion, and also very unlucky – I have lost my four leaf clover. The most interesting thing I can say about myself is that we have a washing machine that is likely to spontaneously combust at any time, but my grandparents are fascinating to talk to from all the stories they have from their experience of the Second World War. I am a feminist and believe in equal opportunities for anyone of any gender or other categories, because as a lot of people say, the future is too important to be left to men. I do not think women are better than men, just deserve equal opportunities.

Favourite books (meaningful): The Fault In Our Stars (John Green) and Earthbound (Apprilynne Pike)

Favourite books (non-meaningful): Geek Girl ( Holly Smale), The Summer I Became A Nerd (Leah Rae Miller) and Winnie the Witch (this was a child-hood one that is still a fave).

Aspirations: To write a book as awesome as those listed above.

Favourite bands: Lots. Imagine Dragons, 5SOS, Nina Nesbitt, and many more…

Greatest Annoyances/Fears: People talking down to me, small spaces and being forced to run long distances.



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  1. Of course! I think it’s mostly to give a shout out to bloggers you think are inspiring and deserve being mentioned, along with the rules part of the link I sent you. Once you’ve been mentioned you’re supposed to mention other people and it stirs the recognition around on WordPress.. I hadn’t heard of it either until I got one, I’m not sure if it’s more than this.


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