Free Kesha

This isn’t the kind of post I usually write but this is so immensely important.

For those of you who don’t know, Kesha is a music artist who has been battling a court case with Sony, the music company she has a contract with since she was a teenager, to terminate the contract early due to the fact her producer has been abusing her since the age of 18.

The court have ruled that her contract will not be terminated.

This is shocking and it is hard to believe that anybody would even consider forcing somebody to continue working with someone who hurt them both physically and mentally, but this is representative of cases all over the world.

I write this post not only because it will spread awareness about this lack of justice but also because it is a feminist issue; to achieve equality for everybody, things such as this simply cannot continue. This isn’t simply a problem for a distant celebrity; this is a global issue and one of extreme injustice.



The Gym

So I joined a gym. *Pause while people who know me control their laughter*. Anyway, it’s quite fun. I mean, I mainly stick to the end of the gym where the treadmills and cycles are because when I go to the end where the weight machines are I feel like I have been dunked in a vat of testosterone and I am altogether not in the right place.

My goal is to be able to run on the treadmill and not stand out next to people like the goddess who was on the one next to me last time – how you can run with perfect hair and not get out of breath/red in the face is beyond me but I’m hoping it’s a secret they share once you’ve been for a few months.

Anyway, once I finished the cross-country set on the bike I had to stagger back to the carpark focusing on staying upright, but it does make you feel rather fab when you’ve done it!

The Farm Shop

Today was the day of the Christmas Vegetable Purchase which we have taken to doing at the farm shop near us. It’s a nice shop but today it was really rather busy and (this is the amusing part) there were quite a few upper-middle-class-retired people there which is always fun to watch.

The queue to pay went around the entirety of the shop which led to a huge amount of confusion in trying to find the back of the line, directed by the aforementioned retired posh people. I don’t know if you have seen posh Brits getting slightly confused but it is really quite funny. One couple turned to us and said, with a chuckle “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”. About a queue. Calm down, dear.

There was a point before joining the queue when my parents had hopped off into the crowd to look for something organic, free range or similar, and I was sort of squished up against a barrel of tomatoes while a woman moved her trolley past me. There was about an inch between my feet and her shopping trolley wheels, which she observed, looked at me, moved the trolley slightly closer while saying darkly “whoops”. It was really rather terrifying.

Anyway, after a few minutes of lining up my parents decided it would be fun to start a community chorus of Deck The Halls. Alas, no one else joined in so it was just them singing merrily while I silently moved closer to the people in front of my to pretend I was with them instead.

Christmas Tree!

Traditionally late, we bought our Christmas Tree about an hour ago which means I am currently feeling vair vair Christmassy and in the mood to eat about thirty mince pies. Because we are the kind of family that gives feelings and personalities to inanimate objects, we picked up the tree that we thought looked a little forlorn and was a bit broken so no one else would want to buy it. It’s a nice tree though and you can hardly even see it once we’ve put all the decorations on it (literally, we have about ninety).

I’m Back!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, but there’s been a lot going on with me lately and I haven’t had time to post at all. But I’m going to start making time, because this is more important to me than leaning what electrons do when atoms get stuck together and what shenanigans Messalina has been up to in my Latin text.

I feel slightly ashamed that I haven’t posted in so long that it has begun to snow on my blog and I haven’t even noticed… but there we go, I’m here now. I think I’ll tell you a story about my day yesterday.

I have had a million tests and exams lately, and yesterday was an unseen poetry exam in my English class. English is my thing; it’s what I’m really good at and the one lesson where I feel quite relaxed. However, in the words of my loving English teacher, I “massively cocked it up”. Which is fair enough.

The poem we had to analyse was written by Elaine Feinstein and it was a loving eulogy to her late father who had looked after her well throughout her whole childhood.

The essay that I wrote declared the man in the poem to be an alcoholic who was murdered with a hammer and had it coming. To my dismay, I asked my English teacher at the end of the exam if my ideas were correct and… they were not.

Never mind.

The Exam Revision

I have recently purchased so many bits of stationary, revision guides, revision help books and textbooks that I feel I have already passed at least half of my GCSEs. But alas, I have not. I feel that the only thing that will help me now is if I manage to build a time machine and go back to being three so I can start revising then (although presumably if I had the mental capacity to build a time machine GCSEs would be of little consequence to me).

But I do rather love stationery, for example I have nine different colours of highlighter which I carry with pride in my school bag. I also have a book entitled ‘How to get 100% in your GCSEs’, the premise of which I find interesting, if not particularly feasible, but it’s worth a shot. Because I am in rather a happy mood I shall leave you with something that makes me laugh for no reason whatsoever:



The Speech

This morning was my first day back and I was given a speech by my headteacher in assembly. If you have read my blog for any length of time I am sure you will know I disagree with a lot of the views of this headteacher, and still to this day wonder why they would hire a male to be in charge of a girl’s school (not because I am a misandrist, just because I think it would be more sensible to have someone who knows from personal experience the issues that girls go through as teenagers).

Anyway, I didn’t expect a life changing speech that would inspire me to do something amazing (one of the first speeches I heard from him he told us, completely out of context, that he was against same-sex marriage which has always set the bar pretty low), but I also didn’t expect it to be quite so shockingly sexist and so extremely condescending.

I started to drift off for a while but then I heard the phrase ‘someone will always be better, be thinner, be prettier’. Those exact words. I believe his point was to say that we have accept that and move on but how dare he assume that because we are women, a group of girls (the majority of whom have huge body-confidence issues) we all strive to be thin and pretty? I can’t imagine for a moment he would tell a group of boys that someone will always be taller and more handsome. I quite frankly disagree with the premise of this point anyway, but at least he could have said it about school subjects, about achievements, etcetera, instead of about our appearance.

Sorry to rant, it just really, really irritated me. He said some other stupid things but this was the only one that really got to me, especially considering that I am a feminist and also considering that, due to the way women are presented in the media, women and girls often find it very difficult to be comfortable with their bodies, and as a person who may have a great deal of influence over us he should not be telling us that to be thin and pretty is our only goal.