The First Day Back

It is about to happen. The day every school child dreads the most.

The first day back in September.

I usually enjoy the first day back, the stationery buying, the gleefulness of being one year older, the enjoyment of rolling eyes at the new year sevens. However this year I am going to do my GCSEs which is quite a flipping terrifying prospect. Despite this, I have a plan to begin my year with the kind of inner-poise and altogether-ness usually associated with mature business women returning to a high-paid job in London, New York or similar after a wonderful and relaxing countryside getaway with their sleek black Labrador.

The plan is to wake up nice and early, a good hour before I need to leave the house, and start my day with some peaceful yoga, refraining from bowing and saying ‘namaste’ to a teddy bear like last time since I am now mature and grown-up. I shall then tuck in to a healthy breakfast of chopped fresh fruit and some nice wholemeal toast (not coated in Nutella – I know right, this just got serious) before getting calmly into my uniform and gliding out of the house with a pre-packed bag and a healthy packed lunch and moving effortlessly to the bus stop, where classmates will praise me on my radiance and tranquillity.

What I fear will actually happen is I will sleep through all three of my alarms and end up frantically rushing around the house picking up things I think on any level I may need throughout my day and flinging them into my bag, before eating Nutella from the jar and trying to extinguish a small fire from my burnt toast. Instead of calmly getting dressed I will end up trying to multitask in manner of octopus by cleaning my teeth at the same time as trying to ram my legs into tights that are much too long, and coming to the horrifying realisation that I have inadvertently managed to get both of my legs into the same bit of tight. Then there is the issue of the uniform itself; I have a sneaking suspicion that those who created our woolen school skirts paid the farmer to go around rubbing all his sheep to find the most itchy ones before shearing them and having them stitched into the longest, nun-like outfits possible, into which we tuck our shirts which at the same time manage to be fantastically unflattering while also being pretty much see-through. I have a feeling I will have to do a bit of running to get to the bus on time and will arrive red in the face with hair flying around me in manner of witch who has recently dismounted a broomstick.

But that’s just me…


The Fruit Salad Conundrum

In a wild stab at being healthy, the past few days I have been eating fruit salad for breakfast, and I don’t mean the stuff you get in tins, I mean I actually went to the effort of getting out a knife and chopping board, on an empty stomach, and forming something resembling a pile of chopped up fruit, thrown randomly in the bowl in an attempt to be rustic and artistic with my presentation. It’s quite pleasant, but after a while chewing on cubes of apple can get a little monotonous, especially considering the quantity of fruit you have to eat in order to get you through to lunchtime. I could go for a run or something, but what’s the fun in that?


I have just returned from a lovely holiday with gorgeous sunsets, chips at the pub, etc, etc, and I am feeling rather homesick to go back there! True, it being Britain, I have not been able to feel my feet for about a week due to my stubborn decision that I was on holiday and it was summer, therefore socks would not be worn, instead insisting that I would hobble around the beach bare-foot avoiding stones and looking like a rather camp ballerina. But that’s beside the point. It was really rather fun!

The School Trip (I had to do sailing and raft building – enough said)

Well, that was an enjoyable day of ‘team building’. Funnily enough, being pushed into a large man-made lake with spiders everywhere for the soul purpose of trying to retrieve a rubber duck, floating on a ‘raft’ a group constructed out of barrels and rope isn’t the best fun. I ended up stood at the side because there wasn’t any room left on the raft! Oh well. I guess it was quite fun, although sailing might have been slightly more enjoyable had our boat not started to sink due to a hole in the bottom. But then I always enjoy a challenge. And being sat in a foot of water in the middle of a lake clutching onto a centreboard for dear life most certainly counts as a challenge!

Same-sex Marriage in America!

The bar at the top of this new-post page is rainbow stripes. The White House was lit up with the colours of the rainbow. Twitter is adding a multi-coloured heart to the hashtag ‘LoveWins’. This can only mean one thing.

A rainbow unicorn has been let loose in America.


You probably knew that. But if didn’t and instead you turn to this blog for all your major news stories then I must say that I am flattered. How great is this, though? I’m not American but to think of the power and influence the entire country has on a lot of opinions around the world, this is an extremely exciting time for people who support LGBT rights, and a huge step forwards in promoting equality across the planet.

I know that hundreds have people have worked extremely hard to achieve this for their country and I am well aware of all the people continuing to fight for equality in countries where same-sex marriage is not yet legal, but I hope that seeing this wonderful change in the United States has given people the courage to persevere and not give up.

Well done America!


He has the power

The Latin Situation

I take Latin as one of my subjects (no, that doesn’t make me particularly intelligent, just because I took it doesn’t mean I can do it) and as a rule I work with the girl next to me, who I am allowed to insult because we are friends. Honestly, it’s fine. Anyway, we tend to translate a lot of things incorrectly, causing my teacher much amusement, but I shall tell you of my favourite times.

Because the text-book is set in Ancient Roman times, there are a lot of references to the Emperor and craftsmen etc. which we tend to get confused by, especially when it comes to the many, many God’s that they had. It is a seemingly endless list. But we also manage to get mixed up with some simple words, for example one time, instead of writing “the skilled craftsmen”, I translated it to mean “the dead craftsman”. It wasn’t particularly out of place, the chapter beforehand there had been some huge massacre and half the town was wiped out, but still. In context, it looked even worse.

The second time was probably my favourite. This was down to both a word order, person ending and general vocabulary problem.

What the actual translation was (sort of, I forget what it was): The King was led up to the alter.

What we managed to get: The Kingdom was led into the changing rooms.


And finally, time number three, which happened but a day ago. For this one, you will need to know that a ‘litter’ is a type of carriage, the one where important people are lifted up by a bunch of peasants way back when.

What the sentence was supposed to say: People were also carried in litters through the market place.

What we thought: People were also picking up litter.

I hope you now see exactly how hopeless I am in this lesson. I did rather wonder about the logistics of getting an entire kingdom in a changing room, but their ‘baths’ was just a blooming great swimming pool so who knows what else they got up to?


Okay, so if you live in England you can go and vote RIGHT NOW for who you want to run you country, because unless you live under a rock, you will have heard about the general election!!! Please, please vote, because if you are a woman then about a hundred years ago women were starving themselves and chaining themselves to railings just so people like us could vote. Vote for anyone. Just vote!

The five main parties in England and their leaders are:

– Labour; Ed Miliband  ed_2224142b

– Conservative (also known as the Tories); David Cameron david_cameron_0

– Liberal Democrats (Lib-dems); Nick Clegg Nick Clegg

– Green Party; Natalie Bennett Natalie-Bennett_3145698b

– UKIP; Nigel Farage (please, just don’t) Nigel-Farage-1552356

There are also the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru, whose leaders I think are absolutely wonderful strong women I would love to have as Prime Minister, but being in England I can’t vote for them (not that I can vote for anyone at my age, anyway!)

Happy voting!