Christmas Tree!

Traditionally late, we bought our Christmas Tree about an hour ago which means I am currently feeling vair vair Christmassy and in the mood to eat about thirty mince pies. Because we are the kind of family that gives feelings and personalities to inanimate objects, we picked up the tree that we thought looked a little forlorn and was a bit broken so no one else would want to buy it. It’s a nice tree though and you can hardly even see it once we’ve put all the decorations on it (literally, we have about ninety).


Same-sex Marriage in America!

The bar at the top of this new-post page is rainbow stripes. The White House was lit up with the colours of the rainbow. Twitter is adding a multi-coloured heart to the hashtag ‘LoveWins’. This can only mean one thing.

A rainbow unicorn has been let loose in America.


You probably knew that. But if didn’t and instead you turn to this blog for all your major news stories then I must say that I am flattered. How great is this, though? I’m not American but to think of the power and influence the entire country has on a lot of opinions around the world, this is an extremely exciting time for people who support LGBT rights, and a huge step forwards in promoting equality across the planet.

I know that hundreds have people have worked extremely hard to achieve this for their country and I am well aware of all the people continuing to fight for equality in countries where same-sex marriage is not yet legal, but I hope that seeing this wonderful change in the United States has given people the courage to persevere and not give up.

Well done America!


He has the power