The Farm Shop

Today was the day of the Christmas Vegetable Purchase which we have taken to doing at the farm shop near us. It’s a nice shop but today it was really rather busy and (this is the amusing part) there were quite a few upper-middle-class-retired people there which is always fun to watch.

The queue to pay went around the entirety of the shop which led to a huge amount of confusion in trying to find the back of the line, directed by the aforementioned retired posh people. I don’t know if you have seen posh Brits getting slightly confused but it is really quite funny. One couple turned to us and said, with a chuckle “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”. About a queue. Calm down, dear.

There was a point before joining the queue when my parents had hopped off into the crowd to look for something organic, free range or similar, and I was sort of squished up against a barrel of tomatoes while a woman moved her trolley past me. There was about an inch between my feet and her shopping trolley wheels, which she observed, looked at me, moved the trolley slightly closer while saying darkly “whoops”. It was really rather terrifying.

Anyway, after a few minutes of lining up my parents decided it would be fun to start a community chorus of Deck The Halls. Alas, no one else joined in so it was just them singing merrily while I silently moved closer to the people in front of my to pretend I was with them instead.


Christmas Tree!

Traditionally late, we bought our Christmas Tree about an hour ago which means I am currently feeling vair vair Christmassy and in the mood to eat about thirty mince pies. Because we are the kind of family that gives feelings and personalities to inanimate objects, we picked up the tree that we thought looked a little forlorn and was a bit broken so no one else would want to buy it. It’s a nice tree though and you can hardly even see it once we’ve put all the decorations on it (literally, we have about ninety).

26th December – Boxing Day

I had a LOVELY Christmas. Let’s start with that, and I hope you did to. I got a new camera which is rather fab so I’ll share some pictures of the table at dinner and some of the other things I got, and look out for some reviews of the books I got as well! Anyway, there aren’t any of people for obvious reasons but you can see my dress in a couple of them. Here goes!


The table display. Sorry about all the wine, drink aware and all that, but it’s pretty!


A rather artistic photo taken by my aunt with my dress behind.


Pretty table display and my coke.


Christmas dinner! And yes, I like Brussels sprouts, you know I’m not very good at being a teenager.


Candles and a plant.


Thanks mum and dad! My geography sucks so this was necessary, trust me.


BOOKS!!! I can’t wait to read/write in them – it’s telling that they are all by or from YouTubers though!

So that was my Christmas day! Tres enjoyable. I’ll finish reading Girl Online and then I’ll review it so keep your eyes open for that. Merry Christmas!

25th December – Christmas Day!

This post is scheduled because I won’t even turn on the WiFi on Christmas day, but on Boxing day (so, tomorrow), I shall fill you in on what happened. Currently, just sat looking at the sparkly Christmas tree with so many decorations on that it is actually leaning towards me, I feel about as excited as I’m going to get without exploding! I don’t know if anyone else thinks this, but now I’m a bit older it’s a different kind of excitement – I think I’ll grow back into it as my mother certainly seems to be getting excited! But anyway, I’ll make this brief so you can get back to your families and turkeys – have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the day!

24th December – Christmas Eve

It is the morning before Christmas, my Christmas Day post is scheduled (because I refuse to go online tomorrow, or I will be sucked into the vortex of reading emails and tweets and I won’t see anyone for 10 hours) and everything is clean and tidy, yes, even my room. It’s full of floor! All that we need to do now is bung together a Christmas pudding and decorate the Christmas cake, along with a bit of last minute tidying and putting Quality Street in bowls. Oh and mince pies. We need more mince pies. And I need to wrap all the presents. Oh god I have to go there’s a lot more than I thought there was to do!

Anyway, have a good Christmas and enjoy the day and don’t bother turning on the WiFi and coming and reading the post, Christmas is a time to be with real people. And also, it’s not that good, tbh haha.

23rd December – The Types Of Christmas People

We all know that we will be one of many types of Christmas people, especially when it comes to the joys of Christmas Shopping. In a very crowded high street it will be easy to distinguish the people┬áthat haven’t been shopping since last December being pulled round by their friends with vacant expressions glued to their faces, while some groups of people, usually wrapped up in seven Christmas jumpers a piece with a Christmas pudding bobble hat on will be prancing down the street to a cafe, laughing at the rest of us frantically last-minute shopping because they are SO Christmassy they did all their shopping in September.

In general, there are those who greet every excited person with an irritated look and dash off to save another ornament from some tinsel, and then there are those who are always armed with tinsel and a glass of sherry, along with some kind of horrendous singing dancing and leaping toy reindeer – only joking, those kind of things are fabulous!

Well, that sums up that. IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW!!!!!!!

22nd December – IT’S NEARLY THERE!

This is the last day that isn’t a day before something awesome – if that doesn’t make sense, god knows it only just about makes sense to me, then I mean that tomorrow is the day before Christmas Eve. Yay! Although I can’t stop coughing. Boo! But I’m excited! Yay! The yays definitely outweigh the boos so lets do this! I am aware that these posts haven’t been the most original leading up to now and I have had to tap in to some other people’s creativity, like sharing the SciShow videos (hope you liked them, they were pretty fabulous) but I am often lacking in inspiration for a weekly post let alone one every day so soz. But ah well it’s nearly Christmas so I don’t think anyone cares anyway! (Cue awesome Christmassy picture…)