The Exam Revision

I have recently purchased so many bits of stationary, revision guides, revision help books and textbooks that I feel I have already passed at least half of my GCSEs. But alas, I have not. I feel that the only thing that will help me now is if I manage to build a time machine and go back to being three so I can start revising then (although presumably if I had the mental capacity to build a time machine GCSEs would be of little consequence to me).

But I do rather love stationery, for example I have nine different colours of highlighter which I carry with pride in my school bag. I also have a book entitled ‘How to get 100% in your GCSEs’, the premise of which I find interesting, if not particularly feasible, but it’s worth a shot. Because I am in rather a happy mood I shall leave you with something that makes me laugh for no reason whatsoever: