The Biology Exam

You may have seen in the news that AQA went nuts and gave a insanely hard biology paper to unsuspecting students that caused a great deal of controversy on social media.

I was one of the unsuspecting students.

Naturally, when preparing for a biology exam, you revise biology. It is quite a safe assumption that the biology syllabus would be involved in a biology exam. Alas, it was not the case. To quote an excellent and concise headline that demonstrates how articulate we British youths can be, “I studied the menstrual cycle for months, only to get asked about p***ed up rats”.

The exam board have sent an email to several teachers justifying the paper, saying that it was quite justified to ask a business studies question in a biology paper, that they did consult the syllabus when writing the paper, and that a question about 15 year olds drinking, involving a graph depicting the preferred alcoholic beverages of the different genders, did not promote under-age drinking.

They neglected to refer to the issue that they asked a six-mark question (the highest marks available for a question on this paper) on something that, in the syllabus, we are specifically told that we don’t need to know (luckily I am a giant nerd and found the function of certain foods in the body interesting so learnt it, but it was unfair to ask a question on it).

Upon opening my chemistry paper yesterday I was surprised to see that the first question was actually relevant to the subject, and found myself checking to see if I had not been inadvertently given an RE paper instead. It transpired that I had not.