Pride 2016

I’m a day late, but this needs to be posted. Yesterday was national pride day, and it is so important that everyone recognises the importance of this day because it symbolises two things; how far we’ve come in reaching equality in our society (because there’s a lot of people that have done a really cracking job in getting us to where we are today) but also how far we have to go. Everyone should be accepted in our society, whoever they are, whichever group they identify with the most, whatever they look like and no matter who they love. Diversity is such an important part of our society; it’s what makes us interesting as a community, and I think allows to function better as a society. No one should have the right to make someone feel as if they are less, just because they are different.

This video brought tears to my eyes, I recommend you watch it (you’ve probably already seen it). It perfectly shows everything I’ve tried to put into words. Love sees no race, religion or gender – so why on earth should we?


Free Kesha

This isn’t the kind of post I usually write but this is so immensely important.

For those of you who don’t know, Kesha is a music artist who has been battling a court case with Sony, the music company she has a contract with since she was a teenager, to terminate the contract early due to the fact her producer has been abusing her since the age of 18.

The court have ruled that her contract will not be terminated.

This is shocking and it is hard to believe that anybody would even consider forcing somebody to continue working with someone who hurt them both physically and mentally, but this is representative of cases all over the world.

I write this post not only because it will spread awareness about this lack of justice but also because it is a feminist issue; to achieve equality for everybody, things such as this simply cannot continue. This isn’t simply a problem for a distant celebrity; this is a global issue and one of extreme injustice.


The Speech

This morning was my first day back and I was given a speech by my headteacher in assembly. If you have read my blog for any length of time I am sure you will know I disagree with a lot of the views of this headteacher, and still to this day wonder why they would hire a male to be in charge of a girl’s school (not because I am a misandrist, just because I think it would be more sensible to have someone who knows from personal experience the issues that girls go through as teenagers).

Anyway, I didn’t expect a life changing speech that would inspire me to do something amazing (one of the first speeches I heard from him he told us, completely out of context, that he was against same-sex marriage which has always set the bar pretty low), but I also didn’t expect it to be quite so shockingly sexist and so extremely condescending.

I started to drift off for a while but then I heard the phrase ‘someone will always be better, be thinner, be prettier’. Those exact words. I believe his point was to say that we have accept that and move on but how dare he assume that because we are women, a group of girls (the majority of whom have huge body-confidence issues) we all strive to be thin and pretty? I can’t imagine for a moment he would tell a group of boys that someone will always be taller and more handsome. I quite frankly disagree with the premise of this point anyway, but at least he could have said it about school subjects, about achievements, etcetera, instead of about our appearance.

Sorry to rant, it just really, really irritated me. He said some other stupid things but this was the only one that really got to me, especially considering that I am a feminist and also considering that, due to the way women are presented in the media, women and girls often find it very difficult to be comfortable with their bodies, and as a person who may have a great deal of influence over us he should not be telling us that to be thin and pretty is our only goal.


Okay, so this matter was brought to my mind when I was walking down the street and heard someone say (and I have replaced all expletives with the word ‘banana’) ‘yeah, all these feminists and banana, haven’t you noticed yeah that these women are all ugly? What is their problem?’ Please take all the time you need to recover from the vast quantities of stupid I have just typed, but may I just say:

beyonce feminism


UN Women's "HeForShe" VIP After Party

Emma Watson – publicly spoke in front of the UN about gender equality

andy samburg feminism

Andy Samberg – yes, guys can be feminists. Some people don’t know that, surprisingly

Okay, so for one thing we have established that feminists can be anyone, whether they are considered gorgeous or not, male or female. A lot of people are unclear about what feminism is, so here you go: it’s not about hating men, not about thinking women are better. Just that women and men are completely and utterly equal. I felt the need to clear that up – a lot of people say ‘women are better than men’ and then go on to say they are a feminist. They are not.

I have no problems asking people of the opposite gender to unblock the drain or put new batteries in the fire alarm just because I think women should be equal and do all the same things as men. But if I was told that I can’t do those things, just because of who I am, that’s when I’d get mad!

Sorry to write such a long post and if you don’t agree with me then I really don’t mind and you are utterly entitled to think so. This was simply my opinion, and one that I share with a lot of my friends, but I hope I’ve helped you to see another side of the argument.