The Bike

As a congratulations present for my GCSE results, my parents recently got me a bike, in the hope that I don’t spend the rest of my school life glued to the chair in front of my desk. We don’t have a bike rack because none of us have got on a bike for several years so we crammed it into the back of the car, folding up every possible seat, and squeezed in around it to go to a forest that has a road through it but where the cars only ever go at 10mph so I could get the hang of it again.

It was an enjoyable experience! Although I can’t actually signal without feeling as though I am about to be hurtled to the floor, I’m sure I will pick up the knack in due course. A total of five small insects flew into me (and I mean actually into me – like, two in my eyes, two in my nose and one in my mouth) but my helmet stayed on and I had a lovely time – especially when I saw an enormous doe in the trees who just stopped and looked at me before chewing on her tail. Although if anyone is after beginner cycling advice, then I will just say that I wouldn’t recommend cycling over a cattle grate without a sports bra on.