Free Kesha

This isn’t the kind of post I usually write but this is so immensely important.

For those of you who don’t know, Kesha is a music artist who has been battling a court case with Sony, the music company she has a contract with since she was a teenager, to terminate the contract early due to the fact her producer has been abusing her since the age of 18.

The court have ruled that her contract will not be terminated.

This is shocking and it is hard to believe that anybody would even consider forcing somebody to continue working with someone who hurt them both physically and mentally, but this is representative of cases all over the world.

I write this post not only because it will spread awareness about this lack of justice but also because it is a feminist issue; to achieve equality for everybody, things such as this simply cannot continue. This isn’t simply a problem for a distant celebrity; this is a global issue¬†and one of extreme injustice.