The Farm Shop

Today was the day of the Christmas Vegetable Purchase which we have taken to doing at the farm shop near us. It’s a nice shop but today it was really rather busy and (this is the amusing part) there were quite a few upper-middle-class-retired people there which is always fun to watch.

The queue to pay went around the entirety of the shop which led to a huge amount of confusion in trying to find the back of the line, directed by the aforementioned retired posh people. I don’t know if you have seen posh Brits getting slightly confused but it is really quite funny. One couple turned to us and said, with a chuckle “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”. About a queue. Calm down, dear.

There was a point before joining the queue when my parents had hopped off into the crowd to look for something organic, free range or similar, and I was sort of squished up against a barrel of tomatoes while a woman moved her trolley past me. There was about an inch between my feet and her shopping trolley wheels, which she observed, looked at me, moved the trolley slightly closer while saying darkly “whoops”. It was really rather terrifying.

Anyway, after a few minutes of lining up my parents decided it would be fun to start a community chorus of Deck The Halls. Alas, no one else joined in so it was just them singing merrily while I silently moved closer to the people in front of my to pretend I was with them instead.