I’m Back!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while, but there’s been a lot going on with me lately and I haven’t had time to post at all. But I’m going to start making time, because this is more important to me than leaning what electrons do when atoms get stuck together and what shenanigans Messalina has been up to in my Latin text.

I feel slightly ashamed that I haven’t posted in so long that it has begun to snow on my blog and I haven’t even noticed… but there we go, I’m here now. I think I’ll tell you a story about my day yesterday.

I have had a million tests and exams lately, and yesterday was an unseen poetry exam in my English class. English is my thing; it’s what I’m really good at and the one lesson where I feel quite relaxed. However, in the words of my loving English teacher, I “massively cocked it up”. Which is fair enough.

The poem we had to analyse was written by Elaine Feinstein and it was a loving eulogy to her late father who had looked after her well throughout her whole childhood.

The essay that I wrote declared the man in the poem to be an alcoholic who was murdered with a hammer and had it coming. To my dismay, I asked my English teacher at the end of the exam if my ideas were correct and… they were not.

Never mind.


The VERY Awkward Moment (no exaggeration, I wanted the ground to swallow me)

When my mother couldn’t take her eyes off the screen because Federer had taken off his shirt (she and about 99% of middle aged women watching the tennis) my dad tried to get her attention by taking off his shirt but unfortunately what was meant to be a cool and amusing incident was not because his shirt was tucked into his trousers and he couldn’t get it off. It went from amusing to absolutely hilarious in about thirty seconds – and there was me complaining for lack of blogging inspiration!