The Serious Stuff

I don’t usually post anything that isn’t light-hearted on my general page, but I feel it is extremely important I express the views I have to you, whether that makes you like my blog more or less. You will not agree with everything I say, and that is why they are completely opinions, not facts, but I think I raise legitimate points and trust me, I think these things through a lot before I write about them. You don’t have to actually read them, I think they just need to be said.


May I Just Say…

Now, this is completely un-Christmassy and I am sorry if I am killing your buzz with something serious, but I think it’s important that this is said.

Yes, women today wear shorter skirts than they did fifty years ago. This is a fashion change and lots of people now feel a lot more comfortable walking down the street in something showing their knees.

However, I resent the implication that just because women wear something showing their legs gives society the right to judge them. They should be able to do this without have catcalls shouted at them or even their own gender giving them horrible looks and feeling glad they aren’t going to wear those clothes and be judged so much. It is not the right message to be given to young girls that they should wear long skirts and sleeves, but instead to the entirety of society that if someone (not necessarily women, men as well) wear something a little different they should not be considered to be sending an alternative message.

Thank you for reading this.



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